load-shedding solutions

Load-shedding Solutions

Keep your office or home connected during load-shedding!

Keep your internet routers online.
Keep your devices charged.
Surge protection for your devices.

Our load-shedding solutions will keep you connected whether its stage1 or stage 6. Starting from basic solutions such as Router UPS to Solar Inverter Systems. We will keep the lights on.

Our load-shedding solutions:

Starter Router UPS

Netogy Mini 13200mAh UPS

Uninterruptible power source that supplies continuous power to modems and routers (12V DC) making it the perfect device to keep you online during load shedding or power outages.

Router & Laptop UPS

Netogy Mini 14400mAh UPS

Perfect for routers, cellphones, and laptops.

Supplies power simultaneously to multiple devices of various voltages.

Inverter Solutons

Various options available according to your specific needs.

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